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Aloe Vera Body Wrap Formulas

Aloe vera is a base ingredient of most new lotions and conditioners introduced to the salon and spa market today and is considered one of the top 10 most healthy products by consumer publications.  aloe vera plant

We have been producing our three special aloe vera formulas for over 20 years for exclusive salons around the USA and now offer these same recipes to the general public. 

Considered essential for skincare and digestive health over the next 5 years, hundreds of studies have been published touting it's health benefits.  Call or text 1-321-514-0598 with questions or to place an order. 

aloe vera basic body wrap formulaOur Aloe Vera Basic Formula is 99% pure aloe vera basic with 15 natural amino acids.  Aloe vera is a cleansing and detoxifying body wrap. 

One gallon will give you 40 wrap treatments.   Click on Add to Cart to begin the checkout process. 

1 Quart of Aloe Vera Basic is $25

1 Gallon of Aloe Vera Basic is $50

5 Gallons of Aloe Vera Basic is $225

We also offer Aloe Vera body wrap formulas enriched with Collagen found here and Herbal recipe you can buy when you click here.

body wraps