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Amino Acid Body Spray

Our cellulite treatment products include the world famous amino acid sprayMiracle Gel, which contains seaweed and other all-natural ingredients.  When combined with "dry skin brushing" our clients have reported amazing results at eliminating those unwanted and unsightly wrinkles. Our Amino Acid Spray is a special blend of aloe vera enriched with collagen and amino acids.  These acids include phenylalnine, aspartste, tyrosine, proline, and arginine.  This body spritz formula is very popular and can be used to cleanse the body after a mud or clay wrap or prior to an aloe vera wrap. 

Amino Acid Spray in 8 ounce bottle is $10

Amino Acid Spray in a 32 ounce bottle is $30

Amino Acid Spray in a 1 gallon size is $50

body wraps