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body wraps

Dry Skin Body Brushes

Pictured here is our Long Handle Boar Brush with Removable Handle which is used fordry skin brush "dry skin brushing".  Dry skin brushing is essential to cellulite remove and works to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the sweat glands which open up your poors.  When you open your pores, the cellulite removal process can begin by extracting toxins thru the body wrap process. Our Long-handle, 2-piece, boar-hair body brushes are only $4.50 each or 12 for $40. 

Long -handle, 2-piece dry skin brush is $4.50 each

Long-handle, 2-piece dry skin brush 12 pack special for $40

We also offer body wrapping bandages, warming ovens, formulas, sauna suits and cellulite reduction creams found here.

body wraps