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Body Wrap Formulas

This webpage contains our body wrap formulas made to the consistency of mud or clay sold in sizes from 16 ounces to 5 gallons.   Please click here to view our Aloe based formulas.  Our Sea Mud product is green in color and perfect for full-body scrubs or facial masks.  The Sea Clay product is white in color using only the most refined clay and enhancing it with a variety of seaweeds.  body wrap formulasThe Dry Mineral body wrap formula is our signature recipe we have sold for over 20+ years. 

All formulas are available in all sizes and containers at wholesale prices directly to the public.   You can buy our cellulite treatment gels and creams by clicking here.  We offer monthly specials and combination deals of different type of formulas found by clicking here. 

 We accept all major credit and debit cards.  Click on Add to Cart to begin the checkout process.  Email alice@bodywraps.com with questions or for bulk pricing.

Sea Mud Body Wrap Formula
Green in color, for body mask or scrub

sea mud mask formula

Our earth based body wrap formulas include Sea Mud, which will pull, tighten and contour your body during the treatment process. 

Sold below is our basic Sea Mud formula which is a favorite of estheticians for facials masks because of its pulling of lose skin during the drying process. 

You can also perform "spot" treatments on the parts of the body where the tissue is the softest and flabbiest. 

One gallon of this Sea Mud recipe yields 50 complete body wrap treatments. 

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1/2 Gallon of Sea Mud $40

1 Gallon of Sea Mud $60

5 Gallons of Sea Mud $225

Sea Clay Body Wrap Formula
Enriched with a variety of seaweeds

sea clay body wraps formula

Our Sea Clay formula is a variation of the mud type which has been enriched with seaweeds. 

Lose 5-15 Inches in one wrap with our famous Sea Clay enriched with seaweeds body wrap recipe in a premium white clay form.  This formula will pull, tighten, and contour the body during the body wrapping experience.

This body wrap recipe contains a variety of seaweeds and other nutrients and has the look and consistency of mud.

One gallon of this Sea Clay recipe yields 50 complete body wrap services. 

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1/2 Gallon of Sea Clay $50

1 Gallon of Sea Clay $90

5 Gallons of Sea Clay $350

Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula
Mix with water to the consistency of clay

dry mineral body wrap formulas

This European style Dry Mineral body wrap recipe has been used for 20+ years in salons and spas worldwide and dates back to Egyptian culture.

This no-mess treatment is excellent for inch loss, cleansing and detoxifying.   Similar to sea clay formulas, only in a dry form that you mix with water. 

Add 3 cups of dry formula to one gallon of water until it turns the consistency of clay. 

One gallon of Dry Mineral formula will yield 40 body wrap treatments. 

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1/2 Gallon of Dry Mineral $50

1 Gallon of Dry Mineral $90

5 Gallons of Dry Mineral $350

body wraps