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Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit $199

With our Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit you can lose 5-15 inches with our most popular combination package.  Use our Aloe Verainch loss body wrap kit Collagen formula for a detox wrap and experience a firming, toning, and overall tightening effect from our special blend of Sea Clay. 

This kit has enough formula for 50 complete treatments, 30 sea clay wraps and 20 collagen wraps.  This kit also features 8 ounces each Miracle Gel, Amino Acid Spray, Slim Thighs and much more.  Read all of the Inch Loss Kit contents here:

  • 1 32 ounces of Aloe Vera Collagen Enriched Recipe
  • 1/2 gallon Sea Clay enriched with sea weeds
  • 1 8 oz bottle Miracle Gel cellulite treatment
  • 1 8 oz bottle Amino Acid Spray
  • 1 8 oz bottle Slim Thighs
  • 1 Vinyl Sauna Suit
  • 1 Body Brush
  • 1 Tape Measure
  • 15 Cotton-elastic blend wraps
  • 3 Body Wrap Brochures
  • 3 Dry Skin Brush Brochures
  • 3 Client Measurement Charts
  • 1 Body Wrap Training Manual and DVD

Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit $199

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body wraps