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Start Your Own Body Wrap Business

1-888-612-3886, is owned and operated by Discount Distributing of Cocoa, FL.  Since 1985, we have been the largest wholesale supplier of body wrap kits and body wrap supplies to day spas, tanning salons, and beauty salons around the US.  We have been helping small salons and day spas offer body wrap services to their clients through the use of our "start your own body wrap business" kits, which include a personal sauna option for the post-wrap heat soaking period.  Scroll below to view more kits.

For over 25 years we have been providing private labeled herbal, aloe, & seaweed type body wrap recipes and formulas to five-star hotels, fitness centers,  exercise salons, nail salons, and weight loss centers such as Inch Loss, Weight Loss Forever, Curves for Women, & Inches-A-Weigh businesses everywhere in the USA, Canada, & Mexico.  Click on any photo for enlarged view and more detailed description of each body wrap kit listed below.

Body Wrap Business Certification Kit - $1695 includes FREE sauna blanket

~ This is a great body wrap kit for getting "certified" in your state for body wrappers. This package includes the warming oven, wrap roller, and complete training and certification. Experience a cleansing and detoxifying wrap with our Aloe Vera Herbal and Dry Mineral detox body wrap recipes. This kit has enough formula for 300 complete treatments, typically five times more than our competitor's for the same price. This kit includes 2 gallons each of our best body wrap formulas:  Herbal Detox Body Wrap Formula, Dry Mineral recipe, Aloe Vera Collagen, Seaweed Sea Clay, and Sea Mud recipes.  We also throw in twelve bottles of our amazing Miracle Gel cellulite treatment product. This package also includes 300 brochures, 75 cotton-elastic bandages, and a complete body wrap training system. See more below.

What you can expect from our Body Wrap Business Certification Kit:

  • 2 gallons Aloe Vera Herbal Detox recipe
  • 2 gallons Aloe Vera Collagen recipe
  • 2 gallons Seaweed Sea Clay type recipe
  • 2 gallons Sea Mud Body Wrap recipe
  • 2 gallons Dry Mineral Formula
  • 1 Body Wrap Warming Oven
  • 1 Automatic Wrap Roller
  • 12 - 8 ounces Miracle Gel cellulite treatment gift wrapped for clients
  • 1 gallon Miracle Gel cellulite treatment for salon
  • 6 Vinyl Sauna Suits
  • 6 pair of Booties
  • 12 Body Brushes
  • 100 Cotton-elastic blend wraps
  • 100 Body Wrap Brochures
  • 100 Dry Skin Brush Brochures
  • 100 Client Measurement Charts
  • 3 Tape Measures
  • 100 Pairs Body Wrap Technician Gloves
  • 1 Body Wrap Training Video
  • 1 Body Wrap Training Manual
  • 1 Body Wrap Training Certificate of Completion
  • 1 Body Wrap Banner to announce your new business
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We offer five different personal "sauna" options for your "post body wrap" soaking period.  The first option is the sauna blanket below and is FREE with this kit ONLY!  You may also want to offer a really cool FAR infrared heating device like the Hydration Station for $5,500 or the Alpha Massage for $3,500 shown below and buy the Business Certification Kit above for 50% OFF! (a $645 value)

Option 1:  Consider adding a FAR Infrared Sauna Blanket for $299 (FREE with the Business Certification Kit above for $1295) like the onethis is a photo of a body wrap sauna blanket shown here.  You would need to provide a massage type table to lay this Infrared blanket and your client upon and then plug it in.  This system is very popular in Germany and Italy and has been scientifically proven to be an effective method for weight -loss or body shaping.  Read more here about sauna blankets.

Option 2:  Buy a Royal Smart Infrared Sauna Dome for $899 (not available) like the one shownroyal smart personal sauna here and available for purchase on ebay.   This model also sits on a table top and is energy efficient.  The "infra therapist" uses very little energy, about the same amount as a small appliance or hair dryer. And with no preheat time, you won't waste energy or time waiting for it to warm up.  FAR infrared heat will help release toxins stored in the body and firm and tighten loose skin.  Infrared heat also helps to reduce or eliminate cellulite.  Call 888-612-3886 to check availability and pricing for this model.

Option 3:  Buy a "walk in and sit down" type traditional sauna that has the new FAR infrared heaters installed (you can get dual use models with ceramic coals also)discount like the Buena Vista personal infrared sauna shown here for only $1499 plus shipping.  This 1 person sauna is perfect for relaxing or rejuvenating and to burn time while sitting in a body wrap and vinyl sauna suit.  The compact design and natural wood will fit into any day spa or salon decor and the interior and exterior LED controls allow for easy temperature control.  The Buena Vista model personal sauna retails for $1999 in recreational warehouse stores around the USA and is available in carbon heater or ceramic options, and comes equipped with free options like a magazine rack, back rest and a CD layer with MP3 plug-in!  Read more about personal infrared saunas here.

Option 4:  Buy a slightly used Alpha Massage Spa Capsule for about $3,500 tothis is a photo of a alpha massage spa capsule for body wrapping really impress your most discerning clients and receive the Business Certification Kit for 50% OFF!  The Alpha Massage 2010 model like the one shown here is considered a "spa within a spa" and provides a wide range of profitable body services for your clients.  This unique and versatile spa system is a self-contained, dry heat sauna, making it ideal for body wraps, muds, gels or other body services.  In addition to the body services that can be delivered, facial services can be performed at the same time, significantly increasing the revenue per client.  The overall experience is dramatic, inviting and provides an amazing catalyst for new and repeat business.  Click here to read more about the Alpha Massage 2010 spa capsule for sale.

Option 5:  You can also consider buying this gently used Sybaritic Hydration Station spa capsule for $5,500 plus shipping to offer your clientsthis is a photo of a used hydration station spa capsule used for body wraps during their body wrap soaking period  and receive the Business Certification Kit above for 50% OFF! This personal sauna uses a combination "steam" and "radiant heat" to prepare your skin for the UV tanning process or sunless spray tanning session.  The idea here is to leave your skin clean and moisturized for the melanin stimulation or DHA (active ingredient in spray tan solution) absorption prior to a tanning or spray tan session.  During the body wrap session, you would utilize the "infrared heat" option with aroma therapy in this device.  Click here to read more about this used Hydration Station spa capsule.

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