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body wraps

Body Wrap Wraps & Bandages

Sold here are white and brown "ace" style body wrap bandages made specifically for the body wrapping process.  These wraps will hold up to washing and drying without fraying or binding.  The typical body wrap requires 15-20 of these type bandages to be soaked in a solution or formula.  Call 888-612-3886 or email alice@bodywraps.com with questions.  Order online 24 hours per day by clicking on Add to Cart below to begin the checkout process.

White Body Wrap Bandages

50% cotton and 50% elastic

body wrap bandages

Introducing our white body wrap bandages which are latex free and do not have any elasticity.  These are the highest quality we carry.   These white wraps measure 6" wide by 72" long.    About 15 wraps are required to cover the average body.  Price is $4.50 to $175.00

(1) White Bandage $4.50

(15) White Bandages $60.00

(30) White Bandages $110.00

(50) White Bandages $175.00

Brown Body Wrap Bandages
60% cotton and 40% elastic

brown body wrap bandages

Our brown body wrap bandages are 60% cotton and 40% elastic material. More firm than our white wraps and measure 6" wide by 72" long. Requires about 15 bandages to cover the average body.

(1) Brown Bandage $3.75

(15) Brown Bandages $50.00

(30) Brown Bandages $85.00

(50) Brown Bandages $125.00

body wraps