Aloe Vera Body Wrap Formulas

Aloe vera is a base ingredient of most new lotions and conditioners introduced to the salon and spa market today and is considered one of the top 10 most healthy products by consumer publications.

Sea Mud Body Wrap Formula

Our earth based body wrap formulas include Sea Mud, which will pull, tighten and contour your body during the treatment process.

Sea Clay Body Wrap Formula

Our Sea Clay formula is a variation of the mud type which has been enriched with seaweeds.

Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula

This European style Dry Mineral body wrap recipe has been used for 20+ years in salons and spas worldwide and dates back to Egyptian culture.

Lose 5-15 Inches in one body wrap. Experience a cleansing and detoxifying wrap with our 99% pure Aloe Vera “collagen enriched” formula included in this kit. With the Sea Clay formula they will experience an all over pulling and tightening effect.

This kit has enough formula for 500 complete treatments, typically five times more than our competitor’s for the same price.

This kit includes
1 gallon of Aloe Vera Collagen recipe
1 gallon Sea Clay Type
1 Body Wrap Warming Oven
8 oz. Ounces Amino Acid Spray
32 oz. Miracle Gel
16 oz. Slim Thighs Cellulite Treatment



Body Wrap Formulas

Our four earth based Body Wrap Formulas include Sea Mud, Sea Clay, Eurpoean Dry Mineral and Aloe Vera.  All available from 32 oz. to 5 Gallons.  Whether your Esthetician or Body Wrap Studio, these 4 proven formulas will Pull, Tighten and Contour to the body into the shape you always wanted!




Body Wrap Kits

We offer many Home and Salon Kits, all the same ingredients but special packaged to meet any budget.  Now you can purchase one complete package to treat all those special areas from Facial, Cellulite and shed those unwanted inches.




Cellulite Treatments

Our world famous Miracle Gel  and Slim Thighs has been featured on TV, desinged  to help eliminate those unwanted wrinkles and cellulite reduction.  Combo these treatments with our  daily maintenance products of Aloe Vera Body Wash and Amino Acid Spray you’ll be on your way to success.






Were your one stop shop for Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies.   From Tape Measures to Warming Ovens we’ve got you covered.





We offer discount body wrap specials on many of our products when you buy in bulk or combination packages.



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